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Old School Punk


Our Purpose: To provide information about old school punk music released on vinyl, and releases that have been reissued on CD. This site is for those who have been into punk for a long time but are looking for music they may have missed and for NEW punks looking for an introduction or starting point into this wonderful music.

What Does Punk Mean? Punk means thinking for yourself. Punk is sincere aggression and kindness. Punk means being open-minded. Punk is change. Punk means cuddle. What DID you think punk meant?


Iowa Beef Experience - Personalien - Rave Records

Grong Grong - Grong Grong LP on Alternative Tentacles 1983

Mannequin Beach - Don't Laugh, You're Next - LP 1988

Antietam - Music from Elba - LP 1986

Feederz - Teachers in Space - CD

Anarchy 6 - Hardcore Lives - LP 1988

Helios Creed - Planet X - CD - AmRep

Wreck - El Mundo De Los Ninos CD

Vertigo-First LP on AMRep

Das Damen - Jupiter Eye - CD - SST -1987(?)

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