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Thesus? Thesus??... I got your thesus RIGHT HERE!

Grab a keg and a fistful of condoms! Its time to rock and study (yeah, right!!). Our college radio station features bands played on college radio in the late 80's and early 90's such as Nice Strong Arm, The Butthole Surfers, Solar Coaster, Sonic Youth, Happy Hate Me Nots, Husker Du, and many more! Noise-Rock, Indie Rock & Alternative before it was called alternative!

Our COLLEGE RADIO had to go off the air, but we recommend this station:

'Left of the Dial': Click
or go to their
station page

Sound Samples:
late 80's-early 90's bands heard on college radio
The Rhythm Pigs - From their 1st LP 1986
Slovenly - from their 1986 LP
Phantom Tollbooth - LP 'Power Toy' 1988
Of Cabbages and Kings - 1990 LP
Blind Idiot God - 1st LP
Octoberfaction - from 1985 LP
Bar-B-Q Killers - BBQ Killers LP
Asexuals - Contemporary World LP 85
Symbol Six - Poshboy EP 1982
Anarchy 6 - Hardcore Lives - LP 1988
Mannequin Beach - Don't laugh LP 1988
Wurm - Feast LP SST
Kilslug - Taang LP
Antietam - Music from Elba - LP 1986
Live Skull -Bringing Home the Bait-LP 1985
More Noise Rock, soon!
CrazyBackwardsAlphabet - (no sample available)
Das Damen - sample soon!
Angst - (no sample available yet)
about a few hundred more to come.
Wav Samples
Sound Samples from Vinyl Records

... when music was, you know, really really good.

Latest Recommendation
 About this CD:
Mission of Burma - Vs - CD
Released in 1981 - This reissue contains the original Vs. plus extra tracks.
Our latest recommendation:
My Dad Is Dead-The Engine Of Commerce CD 2003 - Band from the 80's finally released something new!
You can order it from

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