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Some have not been included in this list, so I may have it and forgot to type it.
Updated APRIL 2005


27 Devils Joking-Spreading the Love Vibration
3 Phase-Schlangenfarm
30 Amp Fuse-Saturday Night at the Atomic Speedway
383 Stroker-Kelvinator
81 Mulberry-Drive Shaft to the Culdesac
A Split Second-Flesh and Fire: 1991 Remixes
A Ten O'Clock Scholar-Quietest
A.T.S.-Blood Drive
Action Swingers-Decimation Blvd.
Adicts - Vice Squad-Live and Loud
Akira Jimbo-Slow Boat
Alcohol Funnycar-Burn CDEP
Alcohol Funnycar-Time to Make the Donuts
Alcohol Funnycar-Weasels
Alien Soap Opera-Second Wave
Alkaloid-Songs for a Tough Skin
All About Chad-Down in Front
All Fall Down-Long Walk Home
Ambassador of Funk-The Show Must Go On
Arson-Words Written in Blood
As Able as kane-Big Fist
AtJazz-Lab Results
Baboon-Face Down in Turpentine
Baboon-The Numb EP
Babyfat-Dragons Go Away
Bajo Presion,
Band of Susans-Here Comes Success
Band of Susans-Now-CDEP
Band of Susans-The Word and the Flesh
Band of Susans-Veil
Band of Susans-Wired for Sound 2xCD
Barkmarket-L Ron
Barkmarket-Vegas Throat-
Bass Bumpers-The Musics Got Me-CD Single
Bats,The-Spill The Beans
Battalion of Saints-Death R Us
Battalion of Saints A.D.-Cuts...
Battershell-Sunshine in Popopia
Be/Non-You're Playing With Children in the Land of the Bugs(SOBC)SoftCvR
Bent-Nothing Grows Here Anymore
Bernie Bernie Headflap-Cheese on Wheat
BGK-A Dutch Feast...Complete Works of Balthasar Gerards Kommando
Big Boys-Fat Elvis
Big Boys-Skinny Elvis
Big Electric Cat-Dreams of a Mad King
Big Heifer-That Lucid Feeling
Big 'N-Discipline Through Sound
Big Wheel-Holiday Manor
Big Wheel-Slowtown
Bill Cunliffe-A Rare Connection
Bill Laswell-Cypher 7
Bill Laswell-Divination II Dead Slow
Bill Laswell-Web
Birthday Party-Junkyard
Birthday Party-Mutiny/The Bad Seed
Birthday Party-Prayers on Fire
Black Dahila-Nomad
Black Flag-Family Man
Black Flag-My War
Black Flag-Slip It In
Black Flag (State of Alert) 7" on CD - short
Black Rebels-Thank U Jah
Black State Choir-Permaculture
Blacklight Braille-Carmarthen
Blazemth-For Centuries Left behind
Bleach-Killing Time
Bobgoblin-The 12 point Master Plan Enhanced CD
Bonesaw-Shadow of Doubt
Book Of Love-Candy Carol (SAW)
Boss Hogg-CDEP
Boy Katindig-Boy Katindig (Jazz)
Brainscapes-Brainscapes 2001 (promo)
Bridget of California-Bridget of California
Budderball-The Great Pepper Shaker in the Sky
Bullet Lavolta-The Gift
Butterfiles-Bored Room
B-Zet-When I See...
Candy Machine-A Modest Proposal
Cardiff Reefers-Alternate Roots
Carnival of Shame-Go Tell Mother (SEALED)
Casus Belli-TailgunnerAngeles
Caterpillar-A Thousand Million Micronauts
Caustic Resin-Fly me to the Moon
CCCP-The World
Cherubs-Herion Man
Children on Stun-Tourniquets of Loves Desire
Chimera-The Day Star EP
Chris and Cosey-Trust
Christian Death-Only Theatre of Pain
Christopher Heemann-After Solstice (wtr Damage)
Chronic Disorder-The Drums of War (slt Cvr wrinkle)
Chuck Dukowski,Paul..-United Gang Members
Chune-Big Hat, No Cattle
Circle Clan-Follow the White Line
Circle Jerks-Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities
Clay Henry-Supesize
Clowns for Progress,
Cold Crank-Saccharine
Come-Dont Ask Dont Tell
Come-Eleven Eleven
Come-Near Life Experience
Con-Lucky 13
Conflict-Increase the Pressure
Confront James-Ill Gotten Hatred
Contagion-Contaminant PCB
Coral-Altamont in Dub
Cords-Hear! See! Feel! Taste! (Promo CD)
Cosmic Psychos-Oh,What A Lovely Pie
Cows-Sexy Pee Story
Crain-Heater (BB - WOCD)
Creamers,The-This Stuff 'LL Kill Ya!
Croatan-A Hundred More Verses About Agamemnon
Crossfire Choir,
Crows,the-The Crows
Crural Omo-Crural Omo
Crust-Crusty Love
Cyberaktif-Tenebrae Vision
D.J. Bobo-Dance With Me
D.N.S.-Clouds and Bombs
D.O.P.-Dance Your Socks Off EP
D.O.P./Supereal-Guerilla Records CDEP
Dan Balmer-Becoming Became
Dan Siegel-Another Time,Another Place (SAW)
Dan Siegel-Clairvoyance
Dan Siegel-Going Home (SAW)
Dan Siegel-Reflections (SAW)
Das Damen-Jupiter Eye (SAW)
David Diebold-Techno-Pop-Muzik
David Z-Surf CDEP
Dead Youth-Writhing
Deborah Drattell-Sorrow is not Melancholy
Denial-Antichrist President
Denison/Kimball Trio/the-Walls in the City
Diane Schure-Pure Shure
Didjits-Fizzjob/Hey Judster
Didjits-Que Sirhan Sirhan
Die Kreuzen-October File
Difference Engine-Breadmaker
Dirt Fishermen-Vena Cava
Distorted Pony-Instant Winner
DJ Acucrack-Mutants of Sound (Advanced CD Promo)
Doc Hopper-Ask Your Mom
Dogon-Redunjusta 2xCD
Dogon-The Sirius Expeditions
Doubting Thomas-The Infidel
Doug Robinson-Jazz Over Easy
Dramarama-Box Office Bomb/Cinema Verite
Drip Tank-Sprawl (SAW)
Drowning Room-True Love Always
Drugs,The-(Promo CD)
Drunken Boat-New Pop-EP
Drunken Boat,
Dubtribe Sound System-Bryant Street
Duke Jones-Thunder Island
Dynamix II-You hear it! You fear It!
Eddie Daniels-Blackwood
Eddie Daniels-To Bird with Love
Edsel-Detroit Folly
Edsel-Everlasting Belt-Co
Edsel-Techniques of Speed Hypnosis-CD
Edsel-The Everlasting Belt Co
Edsel Auctioneer,The-The Good Time Music of...
Electronic Eye-Closed Circuit(2 CD SET)
Empathy-Under the Lost Smile
Engine Kid-Bear Catching Fish
Exploited-On Stage- No Cover/Saw mark in UPC
Face Value-Choices
Fall-This Nations Saving Grace
Fallen Hero-Unsichbar
False Face Society-Game Face On
Fang-Landshark/Where the Wild Thing Are
Fay Wray-I Love Everyone
Fear Of Success-Architecture
Feast upon Cactus Thorns,
Feederz-Teachers in Space
Fields of the Nephilim-Nephilim
FIFI-Sinkhole (advanced promo)
Fifth Column-36C
Flour-Luv 713 plus 1st CD
Four Way Cross-On the Other Hand
Freedom Fighters-My Scientist Friends
FS Tech-Desires
Full Fathom Five-Multinational Pop Conglomerate
Fuzzy Logic-Gray or Green Numbers
Galanas Cerdd-Galanas Cerdd
Garden Variety-Garden Variety
Gaunt-Bricks (Promo Stamp on cover)
Gaunt-I Can See Your Mom From Here
Gavin Bryars-Sinking of the Titanic
Geko-Join my Pretty World
Genetic Manipulation-DJ Krust
Gerty-Carload of Scenic Effects
Gerty-Two Kisses in a Row
Ghosts in Daylight-G.I.D.
Gile Reaves/Jon Goin-Letting Go
Glorified Magnified-All Wave Super
God and Texas-Double Shot
Gone-All the Dirt That's Fit to Print
Gordon Sheard-Stirred at the Martini Lounge
Government Issue-Complete History Volume One
Government Issue-Complete History Volume Two
Grady Sisters-5 Boxer Amazer (SAW)
Greater Than One-G Force
Greg Ginn-Getting Even
Guzzard-Quick Fast in a Hurry
Habitual Sex Offenders-Cracked Rear Entry (EP)
Hacienda-Sunday Afternoon
Hardvark-Memory Barge
Harvey Milk-My Love is Higher..
Heaven-Got a Love for You CDEP
Helios Creed-Lactating Purple
Helios Creed-Planet X (line on UPC)
Heroine Sheiks-Siamese Pipe
His Name is Alive-Livonia (SAW)
Holistic-Feelings Not Frequencies
HOR-A Faster More Aggressive Hor
House of large Sizes-My Ass-Kicking Life
Humate-Sound-The Remixes CDEP
I Start Counting-Catalogue
I.C.U.-O No No O Zone
Icicle Works,the-Blind
ID Group-Cracked World+Bless This Mess
Ikarus-Touch the Sky (promo)
Ikon-In the Shadow of the Angel
In the Nursery-L'esprit
Iron Monkey-Iron Monkey
Irresistable Force,the-Underground EP
Izit-The Whole Affair (Acid Jazz)
J Church-One Mississippi
Jack O Nuts-On You
Jacob's Mouse-I'm Scared
Jaks-Hollywood Blood Capsules
Janitor Joe,
Jansen/Barbieri-Stone to Flesh
Jawbox/Leatherface-Your Choice Liver Series(no UPC code)
Jeff Berman-Things She Said
Jemtone-Got the Feeling
Jesse Cook-Tempest
Jesus Lizard-Shot
Jettison Charlie-Hitchhiking to Budapest
Joel Perry-Rainbow Skylight
John Ruskan-IN
Johnny Socko-Bovaquarium
Jonestown-All Day Sucker
Joy Division-Closer
Judd Grossman,
Judge Nothing-Im A Big Girl Now
Judgement of Paris-Signal
Jungle Dogs-Every Dog Has His Day (Ska)
Karp-Mustashe Wild
Kenny Larkin-Azimuth
Kicks Like a Mule-The Bouncer
Kid With Man Head-Flapjack Hairpiece
Kill Creek-St. Valentine's Garage
Kill Creek-Stretch EP
Kill Holiday-Monitor Dependency
Killdozer-God Hears Pleas of the Innocent
Killdozer-Snakeboy/Intellecual Shoeshine
Kittens-Tiger Comet (c/c)
Knights of Bass-Slow Jam Bass
Kode IV-Insane
Kraut-Complete Studio Recordings 1981-1986
Lab Animals-Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
Larry Nozero-Kaleidoscopin
Latimer-World's Portable EP
Laughing Us-Foxy Universe (ADVANCE COPY)
Laurent Garnier,30
Less Than Jake-Losers, Kings & Things...-CD
Life in a Blender-Two Legs Bad
Locus Solus-Waverly
Lollipop-Sucked in Blown Out
Lorne Lofsky-Bill, Please
Lotion-Full Isaac
Lotion-Nobody's Cool(Promo)
Love 666-American Revolution
Love American Style-Undo
Love Child-Okay?
Love Operation-The Strawberry Zots Presents
Love Spirals Downward-Ardor
Love Spirals Downwards-Flux
Lovebox-Wave motion Engine
Lowercase-All Destructive Urges
Lowercase-All Destructive Urges (writing on CD)
Lowercase-Going Away Present
Lung-Three Heads on a Plate
Lustre King-Shoot the Messenger
Lycia-Compliation Appearences Vol 2 + Vol 1
Lycia-The Burning Circle and then Dust-2xCD
Malhavoc-Premeditated Murder
Mama Tick-Gimme the Five Bucks
Manteca-Extra Extra
Manufacture-Control Yourself EP-4 trax- SAW Mark
Max Groove-Maximum Groove
Mealticket-13 Apologies (ska)
Meanies-10% Weird
Mellow Mellow-Can't Stop Movin'
Mephisto Walz-Early Recordings
Mephisto Walz-Terra Regina
Mephisto Walz-The Eternal Deep
Mercury Program-The Mercury Program
Michael Dowdle-Touch
Michael Whitmore-Warm in my Pocket
Midnight Skye-The Odyssey
Milk-Tantrum (WOL)
Milkmine-Braille (CC + WO CD + BB)
Minerva Strain-Blue Tarantella
Minor Threat-Discography(CDR)
Mishambra-Soft as a Baby's Brain
Missing Foundation-Go Into Exile
Modern Stories-Moving Target
Mog Stunt Team-King of the Retards (Promo)
Morsel-I'm A Wreck
Mount Shasta-Put the Creep On
Moving Targets-Last of the Angles-4 tx.
Mute Beat-In Dub
My Dad is Dead-Chopping Down the Family Tree
My Dad is Dead-For Richer for Poorer
My Dad is Dead-Out of Sight Out of Mind
My Dad is Dead-The Engine of Commerce
My Dad is Dead-The Taller you are, the Shorter you Get(wtr dam)
My Life in Rain-This Band is Killing Me
Naked Music NYC-WhatsOn Your Mind
Natacha Atlas-Diaspora
Negative Approach-Total Recall
Neun-Alright EP
New City Jazz-New City Jazz Listener's Choice
New Radiant Storm King-Hurricane Necklace
New Radiant Storm Kings-Rival Time
New Vision-Just you and Me (singles remix)
Ninth Circle-Ninth Circle
North American Bison-Expect the Worst
Novacaine No 9-Frustration No 10
Noxious Emotion-Count Zero
Nuisance-Confusion Hill
Oblivion Ensemble-Nightmare: SinistrotorsE
Octoberfaction-October Faction
Of Cabbages and Kings-Hunter's Moon
Of Cabbages and Kings-Never Too Late
OLD-The Musical Dimensions of Sleastak(SEALED!)
Omatic-Dog Years
Opium Taylor-Boy White City
Orange Then Blue-While You Were Out-2xCD
Organik Mechanix-Organik Mechanix
Orginal Sins,the-Out There
Pain-Jo Jo
Pain-Midgets with Guns
Pamela Golden-Happens all the Time
Paste-Big Banger
Paul Leary-The History of Dogs
Penpal-Best Boy
Perfume Tree-A Lifetime Away (promo cover)
Perfume Tree-Feeler(Line OBC)
Pet Shop Boys-Introspective
Pete Namlook-Dreamfish 2
Pete Namlook-hemisphere
Pete Namlook-Shades of Orion 2
Pete Namlook-Silence
Pete Namlook-Silence V
Pete Namlook-Syn II
Pete Namlook-The Fires of Ork 2
Pete Namlook-Virtual Vices IV
Pete Namlook/ Bill Laswell-Psychonavigation 5
Petronella-Where You Are
PH Balance-PH Balance (WOBC-Line)
Phil Woods-Here's to My Lady
Phleg Camp-Ya Red Fair Scratch
Phoids,the-Marianne Doesn't Know Yet
Phunky Data-Fashion or Not
PIL-Second Edition
Pile Up-Norwalk(SAW)
Pine Dogs-Going Away Party
Pitchblende-Au Jus
Planesmistakenforstars-Fck With Fire
Pluto-Pluto (SAW)
Pollen -Peach Tree
Polyplush Cats-It's A Rock and Roll Party
Polyvalent Immedia-Iron Eye
Pony-El Dorado
Pooch Carver-Psychedelic Death Groove
Poole-Alaska Days (promo WO CD)
Psycho Sonic Cindi,
Public Image Limited-Second Edition
Pulsars-Submission to the Master EP
Rankin Scroo and Ginger-Right Forever
Rats of Unusual Size-Yes I Can
Razor -n- Guido-The Razor -N- Guido EP soft cover
Reagan Youth-A Collection of Pop Classics
Red Flag-Machines (EP) 8 Mixes
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Blasting Off
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Nothing Wrong/Blow
Red Lorry yellow Lorry-Talk About the Weather/Paint Your Wagon
Red Red Groovy-Another Kind of Find
Regatta Sixty-Nine-Fat Free
Revolutionary Dub Warriors-State of Evolution
Richard Bone-Quirkwork
Richard H Kirk-Virtual State
Rig-Belly to the Ground
Rolling Head-Long Black Feeling
Rose of Avalanche-Alwasy There+In Rock
Sabalon Glitz-Ufonie
Santa Fe-to Believe in Man
Scrawl-Nature Film (SOC, PROMO)
Scrawl-Travel on Rider (Promo)
Seasick Pirates-And the Return of the Helicopterman
Season to Risk-Season to Risk
Second Skin-Suture
Seis Del Solar-Alternate Roots
Senator Flux-Storyknife (SEALED)
Senseless Things-The First of Too Many
Serpico-Feel Bad Rainbow
Servants of Power-50,000 Watts of Power (7 Mixes)
Servotron-Entertainment Program for Humans (promo)
Servotron-Entertainment Program for Humans (Promo)
Servotron-I Sing the Body Cybernetic (CDEP)
Servotron-No Room for Humans
Servotron-No Room for Humans (error tk 3)
Severed heads-All Saints Day (2 mixes)EP
Severin-Acid to Ashes
Shallow, North Dakota-Auto Body Crusher (CC)
Shallow, North Dakota-This Apparatus Must be Earthed
Shame Idols,The-I Got Time
Shamen, the-En Tact
Shat-Are You Choking?
Shoegazer-Intoxicated Birthday Lies
ShoeGazer-Two Boxing Brown Bears (Promo cover)
Shriekback-Sacred City (SAW)
Shudder to Think-Pony Express Record
Sick-N-Tired-I Usually Don't Get Like This
Sincola-Crash Landing in Teen Heaven
Sincola-What the Nothinghead Said (mark on UPC)
Six Horse-Six Horse
Skull Kontrol-Deviate Beyond All Means of Capture
Skull Kontrol-Zzzzzzz....
Small Brown Bike-Our Own Wars
Smart E's-Sesame's Treet
Snooze-The Man in the Shadow
Solar Coaster-Solar Coaster (WOB-on upc code)
Sometime Sweet Susan-Point EP
Sonic Youth-Daydream Nation
Sonic Youth-Dirty
Sonic Youth-Evol
Sonic Youth-Goo
Sonic Youth-Sister
Speedy J. Ginger-Speedy J. Ginger
Spider Virus-Spider Virus
Spirit Merchants-Don't Need Much
SPK-Gold and Poison
Splashdown-Stars and Garters
Splendora-In the Grass
Spongehead-Infinite Baffle
Spooky Pie-Poisonberry
Spring Stream-New Age Music Sounds of Tranquility
Spyro Gyra-Fast Forward
Squatweiler-New Motherstamper
Stan Samole,
Star Trek-Sound Effects
Steel Pole Bath Tub-Scars from Falling Down
Steinbecks-At Home and Abrouad With
Stereotaxic Device-100 Per Day Extinct
Steve Roach-The Magnificent Void
Steve Roach/Vir Unis-Body Electric
Steve Stoll-Pacemaker
Stretford-Crossing the line
Stump Wizards,the-Smoke Stack +4 tx.
Subhumans-The Day the Country Died
Subhumans-Worlds Apart
Submission Hold-Waiting for Another Monkey...
Sugar-If I Cant Change your Mind CDEP (SAW)
Superman Curl-In Stereo Where Available
Supernova-Ages Three and Up(water Damage)
Surgery-Shimmer (promo soc)
Sweat Engine-Multiple Insertions
Sweet Baby-Its a Girl!
Swirlies-Sneaky Flute Music-CDEP
Swirlies-They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days
Swivelneck-Baby Cry Cry
T99-Children of Chaos
Tara Vanflower-This Womb Like Liquid Honey
Technical Jed,The-The Oswald Cup (Promo Sticker OC)
Terra Infirma,
Terra Sul-Kindness of Strangers
The 4-Skins-Clockwork Skinhead
The Crows-The Crows
The Trouble With Larry-Karaoke Bordello
The Van Pelt-Sultans of Sentiment (Promo - No Cover)
Theatre of Hate-Retribution
Theatre of Hate-The Best of Theatre of Hate
Thee Hypnotics-The Very Crystal Speed machine
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments-Bait and Switch
Thrall-Chemical Wedding
Three Mile Pilot-The Chief Assassin to the Sinister
Times Square-Learn It
Towa Tei-Sound Museum(SOC)(Enhanced CD!)
Toys for the Revolution-Beyond the Horizon
Trance to the Sun-Bloom Flowers Bloom
Trance to the Sun-Ghost Forest
Trance to the Sun-Urchin Tear Soda
Trance to the Sun-Venemous Eve
Trenchmouth-Vs. The Light of the Sun
Treponem Pal-Aggravation
Treponem Pal-Higher
Treponem Pal-st
Tucker Grimes-Various Crimes
Tungdriven-Alpha Dopes & Beta Mopes
Twice A Man-The Sound isn't Organized Yet
Uncle Festive-The Paper and the Dog
Under the Lake-Up For Air
Unearth-Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt
United Future Organization-Jazzin EP
Unlimited Nation-Move Your Body-CD Single
Unsane-Scattered Smothered Covered
Urban Sprawl-In the Ozone
Urge Overkill-Americruiser and Jesus urge Superstar
Uri Caine-Toys (Promo Stamp on Cover)
Usual Suspects-The Usual Suspects
V/A-10 Things # Volume 1
V/A-A Gift from Sing Sing
V/A-Act On Impulse-Jazz comp
V/A-All About Numbers Comp. (Enhanced CD)
V/A-All The Punk...Fit to Print-CD
V/A-American Headaches, Vol 1
V/A-Amrep Equipped 1997-97
V/A-AmRep: Peel Sessions
V/A-Another Mutation: Freaks of Nature (Promo only)
V/A-Aural Ecstasy: Best of Techno
V/A-Best of Dance baby Records, Vol 1
V/A-Best of House Music
V/A-Blindspot Mailorder Sampler, Vol 1
V/A-Blue: Underground, Volume One
V/A-Cabin Rave-10,000 Homo Fishermen
V/A-Club Cuts, Volume 4
V/A-Compost 100 - Drum and Bass 2xCD
V/A-Crank Sampler - Stay Tuned for the Holidays
V/A-D.J Pierre's EuroBeats,Dance hits,vol.2
V/A-Dateless Saturday Night-CD
V/A-Distributed Shared Memory
V/A-Ebullition XXX Comp
V/A-Everything Off-Beat-CD
V/A-Extent #8 w/CD Volume 2
V/A-Extent Fanzine # 7 w/CD Vo. 1
V/A-Flex Your Specs, Sampler
V/A-Freestyle Fire (supermix Dance Club)
V/A-Fresh Sounds from Middle America #5
V/A-Fuck the Commonwealth
V/A-Garage City w/D.O.P./Absolute/Dayeene/...
V/A-Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands-CD
V/A-Goth Box-4xCD
V/A-Gothic Maladies-3xCD
V/A-Ground Rule Double-CD
V/A-If you Find The Ramp-CD
V/A-In the Be-Guinea, Volume 6
V/A-Increase the Beats
V/A-Increase the Beats,Volume, 2
V/A-It Came from Beneath L.A.
V/A-Komotion Int'l,Volume II
V/A-Lemon Lime, Volume One
V/A-Lie Lack City-CD
V/A-Lounge Ax Defense and Relocation
V/A-Manhattan on the Rocks w/ISM/Rat At Rat R/False Prophets/....
V/A-Must be Mental, Volume II
V/A-New Zone:History,Volume One
V/A-No Idea #11 w/CD
V/A-No Idea #12
V/A-Nocturnia, Vol 2
V/A-Om Lounge
V/A-On the Road in New York City
V/A-Ouch-Relativity Sampler Promo
V/A-Power Records comp
V/A-Projekt-Beneath the Icy Floe
V/A-Punk Strikes Back
V/A-Roadkill (promo only)
V/A-Roots of Innovation w/Dub Syndicate/Little Anne/Audio Active/...
V/A-Slip This on and Rock Hard(sealed)
V/A-Soul Rebels,House of 909
V/A-Soulful Luv N' Haight:Old Funkies...
V/A-Space Woodstock-2xCD
V/A-SRH Presents: West of Five,Vol 1-S.D.
V/A-Strictly Rhythm Tracks 92 w/House Society/Rhythm Factor/...
V/A-Swimming in the Secret C.-CD
V/A-T.O.N. Sampler 1999 Volume 4
V/A-Techno Sonic, Volume One (crack in center)
V/A-Technorave: The Sound of the Future,Vol.1
V/A-The Best of VIBE
V/A-The Chill Out Album (2xCD)
V/A-The Cyber Selection
V/A-The Long Secret
V/A-The Psycho Selection
V/A-This is my House-Richard Vission (SAW)
V/A-This Morning After (SMOBC)(Promo)
V/A-Tomorrows hits Today
V/A-Tonnage:a Compilation
V/A-Trummerflora w/Ultra 7/Wormhole/Z.O.Voider/...
V/A-Ummusa, Volume 1
V/A-UMMUSA-Underground Music Movement, Vol 2
V/A-Undertones three
V/A-Vendetta Comp
V/A-Vicious Vinyl
V/A-Welcome to the Universe
V/A -Chumpire 100 - I Gave In
V/A -None of These Are Love Songs
V/A -Speaker Wreckin Bass
V/A -(Boston Punk/Pop)-Runt of the Litter-CD
V/A-(Reggae!)-Xterminator Presents: The Awakening
VA-I gave In - Chumpire 100
VA-New York beat - SKA comp
Vacant Lot,the-...Because they Can
Vacant Lot,The-Wrong
Van Gogh's Daughter-Shove
Victims Family-Voltage and Violets
Vida-(WO CD)
Virgin Whore Complex-Stay Away from my Mother
Visions-Is This Real? EP
Visionstain-The Scale of Hardness
Voices of Kwahn-Rebirth (2xCD)
Volcano Suns-Farced
Volcano Suns-Thing of Beauty
Von LMO-Cosmic Interception
Wasted Time-When it was Fun
Weathermen,the-Beyond the Beyond
Welcome to Las vegas-its All Down hill From Here
West Section Line,The,
Wind Machine-The Way back Home (Mark on UPC)
Wire-Silk Skin Paws-CD3
Wire Train-No Soul No Strain
WolfHounds-Blown Away
Wreck-El Mundo de Los Ninos
Wreck-House of Boris EP
Wynona Riders-Artificial Intelligence-CD
Wynona Riders,the-J.D. Salinger
Xavier-The X Factor
Xymox-Metamorphosis (SAW)
Yard Trauma-Lose Your Head-CD
Yellow Jackets-Greenhouse
Youth Gone Mad-West East-Sealed
Zazen-Canyons of Light
Zipgun-8 Track Player

Loop Guru-Loop Bites Dog
Buzzcocks-Singles Going Steady
X-Los Angeles-Wild Gift
Ill Repute-What Happens Next
Ramones-Ramones (Remastered)
Fear-More Beer
X-Ray Spex-Germfree Adolescents
Naked Raygun-All Rise
Steve Roach-Structures from Silence
Vaz Demonstrations in Micronesia
Vaz Dying to Meet You
Boney James Body Language - Jazz
Boney James Ride
Boney James Backbone
Boney James-Trust-CD
David Sanborn Inside
Tony Guerrero Mysterie
Nature Quest Alaskan Sun
Rick Braun Body and Soul
OperaZone The Redesign - Ambient Jazz (Laswell)

NEW, Feb 2005:
Robert Rich-Numena and Geometry-2xCD (Ambient)
Robert Rich-Trances and Drones-2xCD (Ambient)
Robert Rich-Gaudi-CD (Ambient)
Lycia-Tripping Back Into the Broken Days-CD (gothic)

Love Spirals Downwards - Ever CD
V/A-Gothik 2xCD
Lung-Cactii - CD

Ramones-Rocket to Russia-CD
Misfits-Box sex 4xCDs
Effigies-Remains Nonviewable-CD
Naked Raygun-Basement Screams-CD
Naked Raygun-Understand-CD
Naked Raygun-Thrub Throb-CD
Naked Raygun-Raygun,Naked Raygun
Naked Raygun-Jettision-CD
The Cure-Disintegration-CD
The Cure-Bloodflowers-CD
Fugazi-In on the Kill taker-CD
Fugazi-Red Medicine-CD
Joey Ramone-CD
More Fiends-Toad Lickin/Yo Asphalt Head-CD
Iowa Beef Experience-Personalien-CD
Slayer-Hell Awaits/Show No Mercy-CD
Venom-At War With Satan-CD
Venom-Black Metal-CD

NEW 2006:
Gary Numan - Warriors
Steve Roach - Immersion 1
Steve Roach - Immersion 2
Dag Nasty Can I Say/Wig Out at Denkos CD
Elmer Songs of Sin and Retribution CD No
Larm Extreme Noise CD Coalition 1999
Raw Power Screams From Gutter After Your Brain
Roach Motel Worstest Hits CD Destroy 2001
Septic Death Crossed Out Twice CD
The Cure Three Imaginary Boys CD x 2
The Cure Boys Don't Cry CD 1980
The Cure The Head on the Door CD
Agent Orange Living In Darkness CD
Destruction - All Hell CD
Destruction - The Antichrist CD
Superchunk - No Pockey
Superchunk - Foolish
Superchunk - On the Mouth CD
Sex Pistols - Never Mind CD
Xymox - 1st CD
Vaz - The Lie.. CD
Wreck - Soultrain CD


Standard studio releases, NO live stuff or demo stuff/interviews, or ( NO vinyl converted to CD(in most cases)).

NO CDS created from MP3s!!!!!!!!

Track names and CD covers are not needed. CDs cases not needed.  Notify what you have to make sure it is wanted. I may already have stuff from some of the bands listed.

7 Seconds - mostly early stuff except Walk Together...
A Priori
Alien Sex Fiend
Alternative TV
Angelic Upstarts
Anti Nowhere league
Antietam - all except Music From Elba
Bad Brains
Blonde Redhead
Boneless Ones
Broken Bones
Celibate Rifles - have 2
Channel 3
Chokebore - only need the 'Black Black' CD
Christ on Parade
Chronic Generation
Clock DVA
Code of Honor
Conflict - all except "increase the.."
Controlled Bleeding
Cosmic Psychos - only the first 2 LPs needed
Cows - only Old Gold CD
Current 93
Das Damen, (not Jupiter Eye)
Death in June
Descendents - (have some already..)
Exploding White Mice
Fair Warning
False Prophets
Fear - have 1
Gang Green
Gang of Four
Helios Creed - only their last CDs
Honeymoon Killers
Jerrys Kids
Joy Division - have some
Laughing Hyenas
London After Midnight
Meat Puppets
Midnight Configuration
Miranda Sex Garden
Mission of Burma - (some)
NY Dolls
P.I.L. - have most already
Peter and Testtube Babies
Poison Idea
Pu ssy Galore
Redd Kross
Rhythm Pigs - have 2nd LP already
Rifle Sport
Rights of Spring
Sacred Denial
Savage Republic
Scratch Acid - need CD
Sewer Trout
Sham 69
Sisters of Mercy
Sleep Chamber
SSD Control
Subhumans(have most)
The Burnt
The Damned
The Ex
The Wake
Today is the Day
Toxic Reasons
Ugly Americans
Urge Overkill - NEED 1st EP Strange, I... (with the track 'Systems' Vinyl source Okay)
Verbal Abuse
Verbal Assault
Volcano Suns - have a few...
White Flag(Punk)
White Cross
...and many more.
some of these I may have something already on tape that I dont need again on CD. Im also interested in other similar bands - send your list! Not interested in CDs made from MP3s. Feel free to recommend something I may not have listed.
Also interested in Gothic and Ambient stuff.

Record Lables:

!Alternative Tentacles
!Captain Oi
!Touch and Go

other types: Gothic, techno, ambient(FAX), drum and bass

Sisters of Mercy
Psychedelic Furs
Gary Numan
Many others!
Old Metal