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Ramones-Too Tough to Die (Promo stamp OC)-Sire-Mama's Boy/I'm not Afraid of Life/Too Tough to Die/Durango 95/Wart Hog/Danger Zone/Chasing the Night/Howling at the moon (Sha-La-La)/Daytime Dilemma(Dangers of love)/Planet Earth 1988/Human Kind/Endless vacation/No Go
Ravebusters-Power Plant-12-Dance Opera-DO-306-Power Plant(club mix)/Power Plant(techno Mix)/ Rave banging'(atmos' mix)/Rave bass'in Bangin'(bass Mix)
Razor-Violent Restitution-RC-RC9486-The Marshall Arts/Hyper tension/Taste the floor/Behind bars Below the belt/I'll Only say it once/Enforcer/Violent restitution/Out of the game/Edge of the Razor/Eve of the storm Discipline/Fed up/Soldier of Fortune
Reactions,the-Cracked Marbles-12 EP-Homestead-066-Cracked Marbles/I Want You/Flowers and Tears/Don't You Care/Tell Me/ Don't Look Back
Redd Kross-Born Innocent (1986 re-issue)C/C-Frontier--Linda Blair/White Trash/Everyday There's Someone New/Solid Gold/ Burn-Out/Charlie/Self-Respect/Psuedo-Intellectual/Kill Someone You hate/ Look On Up at the Bottom/Cellulite City/I'm Alright
Reverb Motherfckers-Route 666-LP (#389/666)-Route 666-Highway to Hojo's/Joan Collins Always/Thrillseekers/Backwards/Who Got the Crack/Action Bots/Want Girl/Dr. Bloodmoney/Parents/Peaceman/Joan of Arc/Parmesean/Suspicious Minds/Coctail Time/Harminic Convergence
Reverb Motherfckers-12 Swingin' Signs of the Zodiac (CLEAR!)-Rave- 6-Party Up/Threeway on the Freeway/On the Cross/ Love Juice(in all Three Holes)/Man's Son/Jim/ Marriage Made in Hell/Hanoi Hilton/Nowhere Nothing fckup/ Radiation Generation/Party Down. (correct order?????)
Rugburn/Jeberrekenelle-Split LP (White Vinyl)-Reality Control?-#5-R-lawnmower/J-sleep\panic Stricken/R-shutdown/ J-page one of the unmailed letter/R-it's O.K./J-this is our secret/R-self aware/J-last time I was in a swing/ R-hand over mind/J-and my hands move around
Sacrilege B.C.-Party With God-Azmeroth/crucified/fun with napalm/born of hell time to die/skinned alive/cancer/judge death/death toll/ words of god/final rites/slaughterhouse/victimized
Scab Cadillac-Tagged and Numbered-Rave-004-(Now the Partys starting)/Driver/Explain This/Homeless/ Fall,Fall Wall St./In This World/Gaza Striptease/In the Mind/ Engine 11/Stupid Flu/Fashion Fallout/Land of the Who, Home of the What/Down in the sht/(Now the Party's over)
Scrawl-He's Drunk-Rough Trade-51-1=1/Green Beer/Ready/Breaker Breaker/For Your Sister/Believe/I Feel your Pain/Let it all hang Out/Small Dog/Rocky Top/Which one are You?/Major\Minor
Scrawl-Small Mouth-LP-Rouch Trade-76-begin/Charles/Enough/Rot/Out of Mind/Absolute Torture/Hymn/Tell You What/ Time to Come Clean/I Need You
Scrawl-Bloodsucker-12-Simple machines-SMR-17-VI ploriontos/love's insecticide/please have everything/ clock song/C.O.W./high roller/cold hearted snake
Scrawl-Velvet Hammer-Simple machines-SMR-20-Your mother wants to know/take a swing/disappear without a trace/see/facedown/tell me now,boy/drunken fool/prize/blue green sea/remember that day
Senator Flux-Spectacles... (BB)-Resonance-08903-1-Vinyl Sculptor/Naming Names/Rockabilly Immigrant/Napalm at the End of the Mind/Veil of Tears/Move Sequence/Gay Mad Whirl/Mood Ring Eyes/ Polysemy and Paul
Servotron-Spare Parts-10-People Mover/A.R.T.H.U.R./Moving Parts/Batteries Included/People Mover(*)/ All Robots/To Be Listed/I am Not
Shorty-Thumb Days-Gasoline Boost-GB-06-Skirts and Heels/Niggerhat/Mitzy Lodge/Presto/Fantastic/ Rocketman Rocketman/Dynamite Lover/Last One in my mouth is a jerk/Coopie and Me/Red Bull
Sideshow-Eggplants and Sunspots-Caufield-CR-7-Wrapped/Kiss the Boys/New Sweet Breath/Looping/Drain/ Blinky Doll/Winter/Which House/Water/Misfunction
Sleepwalker-Sleepwalker-12-Dance Opera-DO-301-Sleepwalker/Que es Soul/Sleepwalker(no beat version)/ Axe Control
Sodom-Obsessed by Cruelty-Metal Blade-1073-Deathlike Silence/Brandish the Scepter/Proselytism Real Equinox/After the Deluge (X!)/Obsessed by Cruelty/Fall of majesty town/Nuctemeron/Pretenders to the Throne Witchhammer/Volcanic Slut
Soft Cell-Soul Inside-Soul inside/You only live twice (007 theme)/Numbers Barriers/Her Imagination
Soldiers of Fortune-No Wimps or Posers - EP-Slow Death Rec-4 tracks
Starvation Army-Execution Style (green v.)-Rave-005-Nasty bit of work/small miracles/high on lust/retroactive/ middleman/I,incinerator/lipstick and razorblades/shame/the brat/ heroes never dream of this/lords of confusion
Starvation Army-Merecenary Position (orange v.)-Rave-017-Sit Right down/ticket to oblivion/blood brothers/ one inch at a time/see thru soul/lose this planet/master plan/ flagdown/the chisel/you didn't/asphalt/miles (white) underthings
Stone By Stone-I Pass for Human-LP (CC/SAW)-SST-247-All I Have/Meantime/I Pass for Human/Time Stands Still/Sister in the Flesh/I got the Will(cover)/Sick Motherfcker/Ghost(cover)/Pale Fire
Stranglers,the-The Raven-Liberty/U.A.-30262-Longships/The Raven/Dead Loss Angeles/Ice/Baroque Bordello/ Nuclear Device/Shah Shah a Go Go/Don't Bring Harry/Duchess/Meninblack/ Genetix
Stump Wizards-Smokestack-Get Hip-Naked-56-Firemine/I Got Away/One Shot Down Under/Eerie/Flask/Mr. Cool/ Thendur/Horse to Fly/Reel to Reel/6 After 7/Thanks for the Ride
Superchunk-On the Mouth-Precision Auto/From the Curve/For Tension/Mower/Package Thief/ Swallow That/I Guess I Remembered It Wrong/New Low/Untied/ The Question is How Fast/Trash Heap/Flawless/The Only Piece That You Get
Surgery-Nationwide-Mistake/Maliblues/Breeding/Bronto/Highway 109 Do it to it Dynamo/L-7/Drive-in fever/Caveman
Swans-A Screw-12-K-422-A Screw(holy Money)/Blackmail
Tad-Salt Lick-12-Axe To Grind/High on the Hog/Wood Goblins Hibernation/Glue Machine/Potlatch
Tar-Clincher-12-Touch and Go-109-Lady Steps/G7/Dean Martin/Good Part(Wrong Band)/ Teetering(ver.)/Solution 8(live)/Deep Throw(live)
Tar-Roundhouse-Les Paul worries/Cold/Glass Grief/Pick one/Black Track Bad Box/Mercury Block/Gag Reflex/Thermos/Jurbo
Tar-Jackson-lp-AmRep-004-Short Trades/Cross Over/Walking the King On A Transfer/Trauma/Dark Mark/Goethe/Tellerman Land Luck/Viaduct Removal
The Big Thing-In the Elbow Room-What's Going On/One of These Days/Shackle Puss/No Cars Little Chunk of Black Hash/Reality Bus/Cities Burning The Elbow Room Song/Do You Burn?/3 Reasons/Peace Plan/No Junkies/Highway 33/Your Life is Being Wasted/Tell Me Something
The Fabulon Triptometer-Padded Lounge-A Very Super Action/It Was On a Winter's Day/ Winkle Picker Shoes/Tallulah Bankhead/Ten Screaming Queens/ Living With The Lady/Moon and Satelite/Little Star On Bethlehem Psychosis Of The Worm
Thin White Rope-Exploring the Axis-LP (CC)-Frontier-1015-Down in the Desert/Disney Girl/Soundtrack/Lithium/Dead Grammas on a train/ The Three Song/Eleven/Atomic Imagery/The Real West/Exploring the Axis
Thumbnail/Harriet the Spy-Split LP-File 13-21-(T)-Ambient Experiment 001/Six Figures/Letter to the Editor that Never gets Opened/Discourse\\(H)-All the Strings/Cold Cock a Dick/Retarding Dimensionally/Ninja Malfunction/Enamel Fight/We Don't Need the Glamorous Life
Today is the Day-Supernova-AmRep-Black Dahlia/6 dementia satyr/Silver tounge/Blind man at mystic lake/Adult world/The begging/The kick inside/Goose is cooked/Timeless/Rise/The guilt barber/Self Portrait
Today is the Day-Today is the Day-Amphetamine Reptile-AM-046-1-Kai Piranah/Marked/Bugs\Death March/A Man of Science/ Realization/Black Iron Prison/Mountain People/Ripped Off/ The Tragedy/She is In Fear of Death/I Love My Woman/ Dot Matrix
Today is the Day-Temple of the Morning Star-Relapse-6964-1-Temple of the Morning Star(acoustic)/The man who loves to hurt himself/blindspot/High as the Sky/Miracle/Kill Yourself/Mankind/ Pinnacle/Satan is Alive/Crutch/Root of all Evil/Rabid Lassie/ Friend for Life/My Life With You/I See You/Hermaphrodite/ Temple of the Morning Star
Today is the Day-Willpower-Am Rep-57-Willpower/My First Knife/Nothing to Lose/Golden Calf/Sidewinder/ Many Happy Returns/Simple Touch/Promised Land
Tsunami-Deep End-Simple Machines-In a Name/The Spook/Slugger/Lucky/Water's Edge/Genius of Crack/ 460/Valentine/Skinny/Waxed/Writing Letters/Stupid Like a Fox
Tsunami-The Heart's Tremolo-Simple Machines-25-Loud is as loud does/Quiet Nova/Be like that/fast food medicine/Kidding on the Square/Slaw/Cowed by the Bla Bla/ Le Bride D' Elegance/Fist and Starts


Old School Punk